By using approved and tailored products we aim to improve skin tone, texture and remove or reduce fine lines and wrinkle using products that we trust and recommend. Treating all skin types, conditions and colours we offer further services such as long-lasting lip enhancements with hyaluronic fillers.

Toxin£1601 area
£2102 areas
£2903 areas
Filler£160Lip 0.5ml
£2301 area1 ml
£3952 areas2 ml
Microneedling£100Rejuvenate Collagen, hyalouronic acid and cell reproduction
£150RegrowthPromote thickening and regrowth of hair
£100Plant stem cellCellular regrowth and maintenance
£300Tighten skin
Mesotherapy£200Fat dissolve and tighten1 area
£2502 areas
£3003 areas
£200Lighten / tan skinFace
Chemical Peel£95AcneFace
£120Anti-ageingStrengthen and rejuvenate bonds
£100Even skin tone
LED light therapy £55Stand alone facialFace and neck
£95Facial and LEDFace and neck
£25Add onBeneficial after all intrinsic and extrinsic treatments for faster healing and oxidative anti-bacterial properties
SclerotherapySmall £75
Medium £100
Large £150
A minimally invasive procedure to reduce/remove unsightly thread/spider veins on legs An irritant medicine is injected into the vessels to make them swell which cuts off the flow of blood and therefore shrinks the vessel. No longer do you need major surgery to have improved complexion of your legs.
Permanent Make – up£150/£200Lash enhancement/Eyeliner
£250EyebrowsMicro bladed hairs with or without Ombre.
Coaching for health and beauty £55 45 minutes Personal 121 time consulting on how to prevent, rectify and manage your own skin.
Utilised also by those new to Aesthetics wishing to gain mentorship and 121 observation.
Courses£497Per full dayFace to face, 121 training in micro needling, mesotherapy, toxin, fillers, permanent make up, LED light therapy, chemical peels – tailored to the need.
Must hold medical qualification or L3 in Anatomy and Physiology and above.
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