Open Day August 1st!

Tony, Nikky and Carley would like to welcome everyone to come and have a look around at our first permanent clinic!

We will be opening doors at 1300 and closing will be largely dependent on how many people book in with us. We are asking for this in light of recent times, to be able to make sure we can adhere to COVID guidelines and in accordance with Track and Trace NHS.

Date: 01/08/2020 – August 1st 20

Address: TNC Aesthetics Clinic located upstairs within the Lakeside Sports Hall.

Lakeside Lodge Golf and Country Club,

Fen Rd

Pidley, Huntingdon

PE28 3DF

Contact Us: @TNCAesthetics

Tony: 07990840670

Nikky: 07947828887

Carley: 07598511871

COVID 19 measures at the clinic

We are informed by insurance, government and medical sectors that we are able to conduct the business of Aesthetic services. During such times we are drawing on our recent experience with COVID 19 in the Emergency setting and implementing some safety procedures. All are in line with the Government Guidelines and more importantly, in the best interest of our patients and staff.

What to expect:

PRIOR TO ATTENDANCE – You will be asked whether you have had any COVID symptoms as per the NHS online documentation prior to arrival. We find it essential to high standards of care to make sure you are at your fittest before having an Aesthetic Injection and therefore we would advise you against attending our clinic in the best interest of infection control and the efficacy of the treatment.

WAITING and PAYMENT – We will be offering 2m distancing in the waiting area and a face mask will be offered to you during this time. You will be able to wash your hands within the facilities and hand gel is available.

We would prefer for you to pay by card wherever possible. We will wipe clean the card machine and iPad’s for consenting, pens and waiting area between patient slots.

CONSULTATION and TREATMENT – We will adhere to the 2m distancing however should we require to touch/see underneath your mask we will be wearing full visor, face mask and gloves for protection of yourselves and ourselves.

ONGOING MANAGEMENT OF IN HOUSE INFECTION CONTROL – We will not be using our Air Conditioning, as within the hospitals it is considered an infection prevention method to avoid the unlikely particles spread within a Complex. We do however have a wonderful Balcony with doors which open fully in the event of hot days.

We will be adhering to COVID 19 Isolation policies ourselves as staff members and will be checking our temperatures regularly.

We will be keeping up to date with COVID 19 changes on a weekly basis in case of loosening or tightening of restrictions.

We will be keeping strict records in the event of a COVID 19 outbreak to facilitate and assist with the NHS Track and Trace system to further prevent the spread of infection.

A note from us…

We appreciate that some of these measures feel alien and impersonal however PPE has been at the forefront of pathophysiology and therefore our practice when conducting Treatments of all kinds within the medical sector, as standard. It is simply an extension of this protective measure that we offer you a means of safety; using evidence-based best practice from before you walk through the door and onwards into aftercare. We hope you understand that our business is as personal to us as all treatments are to you, so we must protect what we have today and into the future.

Micro needling

Sometimes it is not necessary to have injectable fillers or toxin to prevent or maintain a youthful look.

As holistic professionals who care about consulting with our patients, it is sometimes apparent that there are alternative and less invasive procedures that will achieve results to achieve the desired effect.

As such, it is the plan to offer micro-needling and other dermatological procedures later on this year.

Micro-needling is a derma-roller procedure using small needles to prick the skin. The purpose, to generate new collagen and newer, firmer skin. Micro-needling may treat scars, wrinkles and large pores.

Micro-needling is less invasive than injectable procedures. It is likely to cause redness, minor soreness and is considered safe for most people.

Dermal Filler and Toxin injections

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances which are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases, or enhance facial contours. It will be absorbed and distributed by the body much like the fats which will have once filled it’s place; therefore time frame will be dependent upon a number of factors discussed within consultation.

Toxin injections are a protein which stop muscle spasms, when injected directly into a muscle, it will stop the muscle from making involuntary movements. In terms of muscle spasm it will prevent the spasm for a period of time dependent on a number of factors. When used for beauty it will assist in prevention of repeated muscle movements which are likely to cause long-lasting creasing such as wrinkles.


Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure to reduce and most of the time remove unsightly thread/spider veins on legs.

An irritant medicine is injected into the vessels to make them swell which cuts off the flow of blood and therefore shrinks the vessel. No longer do you need major surgery to have improved complexion of your legs.

Nurses and trained therapists can perform the procedure in an hour. I have great results from this procedure even after 1 treatment but usually 2-3 are needed for full results. Future top ups every year keep them from coming back to the amount you started with.

The procedure can be uncomfortable but this doesn’t last. Compression stockings will need to be worn for 48hours after to improve results (provided).
Expected side effects: redness, bruising, stinging, tenderness around the area.

Written by Nikky

Opening progress

Of course, as with everyone at the moment, we have been restricted out of governmental guidance and by standards to adhere to the COVID19 law.

Tony, Nikky and myself have been working in Emergency Departments during this time and continue to do so, we have been having online and phone meetings to keep the ball rolling and rather recently, under the new rules; were able to go, together, in a social distanced manner … to see the progress of the clinic.

The painting has been done, following the wires being paneled off, we will be set to clean and turn this clinic into a clinic. See below our progress pics, we are all really looking forwards to working at Pidley.

Tony looking pensive

So, of course the COVID19 guidelines have restricted what we are able to do in practice, and those within our sector have undergone much scrutiny regarding their use of the loop hole with ability to practice non urgent procedures. We will be opening on the 06/07/2020 however for the meantime, we will be conducting online and in person consultations, pre-booking appointments and accepting payment for vouchers or services. We will be advocating full PPE and we will be adhering to social distancing in line with the rest of the UK.

COVID 19 PLAN for reopening

Due to unprecedented times, the original opening of our clinic 31/04/20, has now be put back to the 01/06/20 … pandemic allowing. There are currently legal restrictions set on non-urgent procedures and this would have to be lifted before we could continue to practice…. Until then, Tony, Nikki and Carley will be in Emergency Departments in Cambridgeshire and Wales proudly supporting our NHS colleagues.

Thank you NHS!


We love to practice at the highest level and therefore will be wearing face masks during both consultation and injections. We will also be using aseptic technique and wearing goggles when injecting. During consultation you can expect social distancing with full face mask being used and provided when we require to step within 2m.

The above infection prevention control strategy will remain until such a time that evidence suggests a ‘safer’/ more suitable way of practicing. At this time, it is evidenced by the DH and WHO that maintaining safe distances and protecting routes of entry on both patient and nurse in ALL instances prevents the spread of infection.