Love the skin you’re in!

Internal wellness the key to external health

Today we are going to discuss felling happy!

One of the reasons that we love aesthetics as the results can be, in certain instances, life changing for people and therefore have a truly positive impact on their confidence.

There are however steps we can take to avoid getting to the point in which we hate to look in the mirror every morning.

We have therefore compiled a list of skin, hair and nail health in order to help you look after your appearance from the inside out.

Evidence based practice is the forefront of nursing and we have chosen to bring this into our aesthetics practice. The facts:

1) Stress causes break outs, poor diet and hypertension in some instances impacting the outcome of our skins appearance and therefore looks.

2) Poor sleep quality reduces the amount of time in which our skin has to heal itself, impacting the appearance of our skin and our looks.

3) Dehydration internally and externally, low fluid intake and sun exposure, cause damage to our cells and ability to be plump, we therefore become dried out and our skin is wrinkly and flaky.

4) The skin is the largest organ in the body, it helps to regulate body temperature, protect the internal organs from external foreign bodies and nasties and is able to absorb nutrients applied topically. The skin is highly vascular whereby the topically absorbed nice and nasties are absorbed into the bloodstream, carried around the body and excreted through the bodies other functions, Kidneys and Liver.

How can we boost our skins ability to function and in turn improve our appearance and prevent early ageing:

1) Drink 2 – 3L of water a day. H2O is best however all fluids have qualities and therefore will work. AVOID caffeinated drinks as caffeine is a diuretic and therefore most of the fluid content is lost through the kidney via excretion and will not have the desired effect.

2) Sleep 8 hours per night, this is the optimum time and over for the cells to be able to rehabilitate themselves from life’s daily stresses.

3) Meditate, reducing heart rate through regular exercise and calming practices improve mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing and circulation – this is good for the skin as it enables the body to heal and function as it should instead of doing ‘over-time’.

4) Watch what you put on your skin, read the backs of labels. Skincare is not as closely regulated as medications however as we’ve seen documented, a certain element of the product you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream. Nasties effect your internal organs.

5) Moisturise to prevent dryness. We recommend twice daily with a cream during the day containing SPF50 to protect from UV rays and free radicals and also to provide nourishment and moisturisation. Night time is the time for cellular healing therefore night creams are the time you can consider the elements of the skin which you want to target and enhance. For example, specialist skin care for acne, rosacea and anti ageing products. Get regular facials if you can, this will improve your facial skin – this skin doesn’t wear clothing and therefore absorbs all daily free radicals – occasionally it needs a detox.


1) hydrate your skin internally and externally.

2) Get your ZZZ’s in.

3) Be careful what you put on your skin, protect against the free radicals we know about.

4) Look after your mental wellbeing as this will impact your heart rate which will effect the nutrients delivered to your skin.

So … it’s time to get proactive as well as reactive. Of course we will be here should you need us to help even and smooth out any concerns. We needn’t be the guru’s. There is far more that you can do for yourself that you maybe realise. It’s time for us all to take the power back into our own hands – it’s cheaper that way too ; ).

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Published by Carley Bradford

I am a Registered Nurse with both an Aesthetic business which I work alongside 3 friends/colleagues within Pidley Lodge Leisure Centre. We also work in Emergency Departments up and down the country to maintain our clinical skills - this is where we all met and realised we had the same enthusiasm for Aesthetics. Each of us offering slightly different services from the same venue to offer a wide variety of expertise.

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