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A little snippet into the background and benefits from having a Chemical Peel.

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In summary, science has been able to identify why ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks sought benefit from nature around them and why it provided the results it did.

As such, today we have scientifically tested acids derivative from nature following the lead of our ancestors.

With the benefits of scientific knowledge we are better able to understand the PH, contraindications, contra actions and benefits of each chemical.

It is MYTH that chemical peels are chemicals which are man made.

It is TRUTH that the lower the PH level, the greater the depth within the skin that is treated.

This is beneficial knowledge, but why?

Our increased knowledge of dermatology and pathophysiology means that we can identify which conditions occur within which layer of the skin. It is therefore beneficial as we are able to offer a more evidence based chemical peel suitable for the individual having the consultation.


  • Evens out skin tone
  • Treats and prevents fine lines and wrinkles
  • Causes a healing process which strengthens the linkages and cells of the skin
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Treats acne and acne scarring
  • Treats hyperpigmentation and melasma
  • Treats ages spots
  • Heals psoriasis (however infected psoriasis is contraindicated)
  • Gives a glow to the skin once healed
  • Anti-ageing (as we age the stratum corneum thickens and this helps to reduce that so your skin can start fresh)
  • Promotes production of collagen, hyalouronic acid and cellular regeneration
  • Treats blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin
  • Treats enlarged pores
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Treats admit is and sebaceous keratosis

The treatment itself will take no longer than an hour.

There will be an individual consultation so the best advice and PH acid can be used for your skin.

Chemical peels often work to TREAT conditions, as such a course may be advise to help reverse the effects totally … as with time, the condition has worsened and taken over your life, so too it takes time to heal the condition.


  • Do not touch skin for 24-48 hours
  • Do not wash your face for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid over moisturising, this can cause premature shedding when the new cells are still generating therefore damaging the new cells.
  • Avoid the lure to pick off peeling skin (this only occurs with some PH acids) as above, this can damage the new cells before they are ready.
  • Expect redness, irritation and inflammation as a natural part of the healing process between 3 days and 14 days dependant on the treatment.
  • Wear SPF50+ for at least 3 days after the treatment, the skin cells are delicate and we have penetrated the stratum corneum which would usually help to protect the body from UV rays, which will damage the cells which are regenerating.
  • Do not have a Chemical Peel close to a big event, leave at least 4 weeks before a wedding or party you want to look at your best for.
  • Treat skin with a hyalouronic acid serum after 48 hours for 14 days underneath your moisturiser to see the best effects of the Chemical Peel – the hyalouronic acid will attract H2O to the area which will improve and speed up the healing process, as will drinking water.
  • If you must wear make up after 24 – 48 hours then choose a mineral foundation as it is unlikely to mutate and interfere with the cellular regrowth. Likewise when removing make up – choose PH balanced products (PH6/7).
  • DO NOT exfoliate your skin for 14 days after the chemical peel.
Carley Aesthetic Nurse volunteering herself due to problem skin. BEFORE

Carley was experiencing spots, combination skin, scaring and uneven skin tone. She decided to get a chemical peel as it had been a little while since she had adhered to her skincare regime.

24 hours later AFTER

After 24 hours, the redness had gone away. She still had dry patches and skin which was starting to peel. There was mild itching. This is normal for a chemical peel. As you can see, even after 24 hours you can see the change in her complexion.

7 days later. A perfectly even skin tone. AFTER

After 7 days, her healing process was almost complete. As you can see she had eradicated her spots, uneven skin tone and combination skin. Her skin no longer felt dry, itchy nor was flaking. She had no itched, over moisturised or picked her peeling skin (as per the instructions, failure to do this would have presented in scarring).

“I’m so happy with my results. I had a short period of neglecting my skin and partaking in poor diet. My skin tells all my tales.. But now, at 33, I think I might have the best skin texture and tone I have ever had!”

Published by Carley Bradford

I am a Registered Nurse with both an Aesthetic business which I work alongside 3 friends/colleagues within Pidley Lodge Leisure Centre. We also work in Emergency Departments up and down the country to maintain our clinical skills - this is where we all met and realised we had the same enthusiasm for Aesthetics. Each of us offering slightly different services from the same venue to offer a wide variety of expertise.

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