Toxin – What to expect

Probably the most common areas for toxin administration is the crease at the top of the nose, between ones eyebrows (Glabella); or forehead lines.

A few queries we have been receiving lately have been geared around nerves and what to expect. So I have developed this snap-shot to help those who are new to Toxin, to understand what they can expect from start to finish.


You will attend and complete a consultation form to assess suitability for the procedure, you will discuss with your practitioner what you hope to achieve. (Each patient has different wants and needs and it’s important to come with your own face in mind – it is impossible to achieve someone else’s face. I can help you achieve the best version of yourself and you are beautiful!)

The consultation is completely free and some medical photography will be taken to show your area (for example the Glabella) When you have a screwed up face, at rest and from different angles. This is to enable you to see the change in the future.

You will then be encouraged to go away and think about the contraindications and whether you feel you would like to go ahead. If you would like to have some wrinkles erased for 6-12 months, we’ll take a deposit and book you in, prescribe and order your toxin (Allergan Botox used in this instance) – all provided we too feel you are suitable for the treatment.


You will arrive provided you are showing no COVID-like symptoms, and your practitioner, in scrubs and wearing PPE will introduce you to the treatment area. You will lay on the treatment couch and have a headband (one use only) to hold back any hair. The area to be treated will be cleansed using gauze and chlorhexadine which has quite a surgical smell however it is relatively gentle – unless you are a bacteria of course. In the instance of toxin to the Glabella or forehead there is no local anaesthetic required as discomfort is relatively minimal. Your practitioner will get you to screw your face up to see the wrinkles to the effected area at their worst. Using a cleansed white pencil he/she will then mark the injection sites taking into consideration anatomy and physiology under the skin and counteracting muscle movements.

The Toxin is drawn up with one needle then a fresh sharp very small needle. This is to minimise discomfort and marking. Injections of the pre-determined quantity will be placed into the muscle underneath the pencil marks already placed onto the face. Patients report that the injection cannot be felt however the injection of the toxin feels like a crackle or firework which is momentary and to which many have overcome because they love the results.

Your practitioner will make records of what they observed, treatment given and Toxin administered at the point of treatment and more pictures will be taken to match the same consultation photos.


After the treatment you will be given some advice to avoid heavy exercise for 6 hours and laying day for approximately 6 hours. You will be advised not to wear make-up for the rest of the day in order to avoid the introduction of infection to the area, and if you must wear make-up to use a mineral base. It is normal after a treatment to have little lumps under the skin, redness and a mild headache however this differs from person to person. Many people see all immediate side-effects reduce within an hour and as such this is commonly done during the daytime on a lunch break, before work and on the go.

You will be booked in for a 2 week review. The full effects of Toxin cannot be seen until this time and over the interim period you will notice minor changes which will then become a shock when you see your before and after pictures.


At the two week review you will come into much the same environment as the consultation. The review is included within the price of your treatment. You will have the opportunity to discuss things you have noticed, liked, don’t like and any tweaks to be made. This is an important stage, it is when the Toxin will have taken effect. Your practitioner over time will know exact amounts of Toxin to use however by observing muscles at the consultation they will use their experience to determine a moderate amount which will still allow for natural movement (we do not like to ‘freeze’ the face as this gives unnatural movement which then becomes obvious. All good aesthetics should go unnoticed unless that is your desired effect.)

If there are any tweaks to be made you will have another treatment at that time, which dependant on the tweak, is likely to be included within the cost.

More photos will be taken in the same motions as before to offer you a clear before and after picture – to confirm, model pictures used online have to be consented to prior to posting and photos do not identify patients unless they are happy for this – for example the review and posting above.


ONE AREA (either: Forehead, Glabella or crows-feet) £160

TWO AREAS (two of the above areas) £210

THREE AREAS (all three of the above areas) £260

FILLERS are used in other areas of the face and the treatment process is different so please see filler postings for further information on fillers.

For further questions and guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Published by Carley Bradford

I am a Registered Nurse with both an Aesthetic business which I work alongside 3 friends/colleagues within Pidley Lodge Leisure Centre. We also work in Emergency Departments up and down the country to maintain our clinical skills - this is where we all met and realised we had the same enthusiasm for Aesthetics. Each of us offering slightly different services from the same venue to offer a wide variety of expertise.

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