Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure to reduce and most of the time remove unsightly thread/spider veins on legs.

An irritant medicine is injected into the vessels to make them swell which cuts off the flow of blood and therefore shrinks the vessel. No longer do you need major surgery to have improved complexion of your legs.

Nurses and trained therapists can perform the procedure in an hour. I have great results from this procedure even after 1 treatment but usually 2-3 are needed for full results. Future top ups every year keep them from coming back to the amount you started with.

The procedure can be uncomfortable but this doesn’t last. Compression stockings will need to be worn for 48hours after to improve results (provided).
Expected side effects: redness, bruising, stinging, tenderness around the area.

Written by Nikky

Published by Carley Bradford

I am a Registered Nurse with both an Aesthetic business which I work alongside 3 friends/colleagues within Pidley Lodge Leisure Centre. We also work in Emergency Departments up and down the country to maintain our clinical skills - this is where we all met and realised we had the same enthusiasm for Aesthetics. Each of us offering slightly different services from the same venue to offer a wide variety of expertise.

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